In 1963, Peter and Betty Frost moved into their three-bedroomed semi-detached house at Bents Green in Sheffield, back then, it was heated only by a coal fire. To move with the times they paid £300 to have a boiler and four radiators fitted the same year. In today’s money, that sum is the equivalent to approximately £6,000, however, it was money well spent, because the boiler lasted until 1981.

The Frosts’ 1981 boiler was up and running even longer – 37 years to be precise. But, in 2018, it was time to move with the times once more, and give 1st Call Gas Services a call.

We fitted a modern, sleek and super-efficient combo-boiler for them. Interestingly, we were able to do it for less than a third of what their first heating system cost when its price is adjusted for inflation. Our central heating engineers also changed the boiler’s position, moving it from the kitchen to upstairs, fitted pipework and a new radiator in the bathroom. Which delighted Mr Frost.

Says Mr Frost, “Our old boiler was still working, but we simply couldn’t get parts for repairs, and we were worried it might break down in winter. I’m 84, and too old to be cold – so I called 1st Call Gas Services, who were recommended to me by a friend, and I could not have picked a nicer bunch of men to install my new boiler and central heating. Lovely and professional people who finished the job in just two days. I cannot sing their praises highly enough.

“We’ve never had a radiator in our bathroom, and it’s wonderful. We now have hot water on tap, and a much more efficient boiler and central heating system that will save us lots of money throughout the year, not just the colder months.”

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