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How-to choose a new boiler, by 1st Call Gas, Sheffield-based Gas, Plumbing & Central Heating professionals

Buying a New Boiler: What to Consider?

There are many factors and options to consider when choosing which boiler is best suited to your requirements and your home. The type of property and usage are the key factors, but you will also need to consider the site of the boiler and your budget. The last thing you want is a boiler that doesn’t suit your home.

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Which Size of Boiler Should I Choose? 1st Call Gas Sheffield

Which Size of Boiler Should I Choose?

Fitting the right boiler for your home is extremely important, you need to find a boiler that is just right for your home. A boiler that is too small will not be able to heat your home adequately or produce enough hot water. A boiler that is too big will produce more heat than needed which will increase bills, waste energy and produce unnecessary emissions.

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