Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm. It is a highly effective and efficient method of heating your home, whether it be a new build, renovation or single area. It allows you to create a minimalist look, making more space for paintings, shelf units or even picture windows.

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Why should I consider underfloor heating?

It’s much more aesthetically pleasing.

A room with underfloor heating means no radiators, which gives you an opportunity to really experiment with interior design and the layout of your room. Ever been trying to arrange your room and not been able to put your sofa or bed where you wanted it because the radiator is in the way? If you’re working with a small space like a terraced house, underfloor heating can solve a lot of issues.

Underfloor heating can be installed below stone, tile, wood or carpeted floors (as long as the carpet isn’t too thick – a 1.5 tog is generally considered a maximum suitable thickness). So the world is your oyster when it comes to design. It can also enhance your homes selling price. Underfloor heating has a reputation for being state of the art and high spec, it could attract buyers looking for a luxurious property.

It’s energy efficient.

A suitably sized unit can heat a larger area than an individual radiator. It also works at a lower temperature, so it could reduce your heating bills. If you have open windows or a draughty room, the floor will still stay warm, underfloor heating evenly distributes heat around the room. So while you have the initial cost of installation, in the long run it could pay for itself.

It’s amazingly cosy.

A room with underfloor heating is so much more comfortable. The whole room is evenly warm, there are no hot/cold patches of the room like there can be with radiators. The floor being warm and cosy means that you can walk around barefoot all year round (you won’t want to wear slippers anymore). This is particularly welcoming in the bathroom when you step out of your bath or shower. Imagine sleeping in a bedroom which has the heat coming from under your bed instead of the opposite end of the room – very nice!

If you do have a stone, tiled or wooden floor then underfloor heating will take the chilliness of the hard surface away and make it much more pleasant.

What is involved with underfloor heating?

The cost of installing the underfloor heating system will depend on many factors, including whether you choose an electric or water-based system, the number of rooms you want to heat, whether you’re fitting a new-build, extension or an older building and what kind of flooring you have.

  • Electric systems – Electric underfloor heating involves a series of electric wires installed under or within the floor, which is quite a simple process and doesn’t add much thickness to the floor. This means it can be easily installed into existing bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens. Because the system is electric, it is not linked to your boiler and will affect your electricity bills not your gas bills.
  • Water-based systems – A water-based underfloor heating system has a series of water pipes running under the floor which are connected to your boiler. This system is ideally suited to be installed during a new build construction because it does add thickness to the floor. The price of installing a ‘wet’ system can vary, depending on factors like whether the room you’re heating is on the ground floor, or how close it is to the boiler. Find out more.

When you invest in a new underfloor heating system, it’s ideal to make sure you also have good insulation in your house so that you know your heat is not being wasted.

We’re fully qualified to advise you on which underfloor heating system to get and what the possibilities are. You may wish to heat a certain area of a room or your whole house! If you’d like to find out more about this particular service then contact us today.