Wet Underfloor Heating

What is water underfloor heating? Similar to its electric underfloor counterpart, water underfloor heating can also sit beneath stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces. It is the perfect alternative to having radiators cluttering up your house or is a great way to warm up your cold floors in the midst of the winter months.

Water based underfloor heating uses a series of pipes connected to your boiler to circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat up your room. A hot water underfloor heating system is ideally suited to be installed during a new build construction. However, the benefits are so great it may be worth investing in a retro-fit or using a slimmer overlay system.

At 1st Call Gas Services, our friendly and professional staff can advise you on the best underfloor heating system for you and your house. We will try to meet your needs as well as tailor the heating system to meet your house’s requirements.

What is electric underfloor heating? Electric underfloor heating is a series of electric wires installed beneath or within your floors as a way of heating a particular area or a whole room.

The size of the room and the type of floor decides on what type of electric systems will be available for you. They’re usually used for warming tiles or stone in bathrooms and kitchens where it can be cold on your feet.

At 1st Call Gas Services, we’re fully qualified to advise you on what particular type of electric systems would be available for your floors. Our friendly and professional contractors are experienced in installing and servicing this particular kind of underfloor heating system. We will listen to what you want and will direct you to the option that is best for you and your floors.

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