Gas Fire & Cooker Installations

What is flue lining? A flue liner is a fire resistant pipe where smoke, gas or fumes ascend through a passage in your chimney. These certain types of pipes are usually made of clay, terra-cotta pipe, or stainless steel.

It is required by law that every working fireplace needs a functioning flue in good condition. Over time, the condition of the chimney brickwork will become damaged through use and weathering. If the original lining of the old flue becomes unsound, the particles of the combustion and toxic fumes can leak from the flue into the neighbouring flues and other parts of the home.

If you don’t know the current condition of your flue lining a smoke test can be carried out prior to installation.

At 1st Call Gas Services, we understand that your gas cooker is an essential part of your home. If you’re suddenly left without one, we know how stressful and difficult it can be to try and maintain a busy family if your main cooking appliance has decided to give up on you.

At 1st Call Gas Services, we pride ourselves on being Gas Safe registered engineers so we’re fully qualified to install your gas cooker safely and securely. Our friendly and skilled engineers can recommend outlets to purchase from and help you choose one that is to your own personal taste as well as complying with the correct rules or regulations within your kitchen. We will also offer to disconnect your old cooker and replace it with your own choice.

Our clean and fast service will provide you with a fully functioning gas cooker without the fear of being left with a mountain of mess.

If you’re looking for a trusted, Gas Safe registered engineer to install your first ever gas fire or just replace your existing one then 1st Call Gas Services can offer you the very best advice, deal and service.

Before any form of work can be started, your flue will be need to be tested/inspected. At 1st Call Gas Services, we are able to provide you with flue testing when we arrive to check out the site so you don’t have to arrange more than one appointment.

As we work alongside leading suppliers of gas fires, we’re able to offer a wide range of choice as well as show an in-depth knowledge of the different types of gas fires available.

After inspecting your desired place for the gas fire, we will listen to what you require for your home and will steer you to the product that will best suit your needs and fit with correct regulations.

If you wish to know more about this particular service then please call us on: 0114 272 2586