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If the pressure in your boiler keeps dropping, don’t put up with it, read our blog or contact 1st Call Gas and get the problem solved ASAP.

What to do if Your Boiler is Losing Pressure

If you hear banging noises in your central heating, the radiators on your top floor aren’t working, or your boiler keeps shutting down, you might have low water pressure in your boiler. It’s a common issue which can leave you without hot water. Low pressure is relatively easy to diagnose, as most boilers have a built-in pressure gauge. Your boilers manual should have a guide to which is low or high pressure on the gauge.
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What is a Power Flush?

By getting a power flush, you can remove debris like sludge and rust from your central heating. The water in your pipes, boiler and radiators deposit these materials over time. If these contaminants are left in your central heating system, they can affect its efficiency.

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